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Daventry, Northamptonshire


Rooted in ancient wisdom, traditional acupuncture is a 3,000 year old medical system, originating from China and the Far East. Working with the meridian system to treat the root causes of disease, acupuncture works to restore both physical and emotional harmony throughout the body.


Pellowah is an angelic word meaning ‘Radical Shift in Consciousness’.  This high frequency healing technique will assist you on your personal journey of growth, increasing your capacity for positive change and shifting your consciousness to a higher plane.


Rahanni is a celestial healing modality that brings a vibration of love, inner peace and compassion.


Harnessing universal life force energy, Reiki activates the body’s natural healing abilities, providing a sense of deep relaxation and harmony within.


Crystal therapy is a holistic healing modality which involves using the vibrational and metaphysical properties of quartz crystals and mineral stones in order to re-align and harmonise the body’s energy field.


My name is Angela and I am the owner of Indigo Holistics, located on Sheaf Street in the historic market town of Daventry, Northamptonshire.

I am a fully qualified traditional acupuncturist and holistic health practitioner…


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Client Testimonials

Previous to meeting Angela and having my first Reiki session I'll be honest I was a little sceptical - but I had such an amazing experience and can highly recommend her as a practitioner. I was struggling with insomnia and a bit of imposter syndrome in a new job role and the Reiki treatment really helped me deal with both issues. For the whole week after seeing angela I slept amazingly, and am now having intermittent sessions to maintain things. If you're looking for a bit of calm and mental clarity in such a busy and at times stressful world I really recommend visiting Angela and experiencing the benefits of Reiki therapy.

Deborah G, Northants

I highly recommend Angela. I had several Reiki sessions and after every one I felt relaxed and stronger. Angela is both friendly and professional.

Chrissi M, Northants

I am very happy in my ongoing sessions of Acupuncture with Angela. She is professional and knowledgeable and has a warm, caring manner to put one at ease. Angela is a good listener and I highly recommend her ability to offer a wholistic journey back to health.

Bronwyn S, NorthantsAcupuncture patient

I can highly recommend Angela as a practitioner. She’s very kind and caring as well as being professional at her job. I have received distance Pellowah healings from Angela twice now and I have loved the experiences. It has helped me to release some built up emotions and resentments I didn’t realise were even there, which has helped me to feel more at peace within myself and has had positive impacts on my life overall, plus the healing process itself I find very relaxing. I’m in Ireland and the healing worked just the same as if I was in the room with Angela.

Amy Q, Wexford, Ireland

I had a distance Pellowah treatment with Angela. I knew as soon as she had started as I could really feel a connection with the universe. Over the next few days I have felt many changes, all moving me in a very positive direction. I feel more at home in myself and encouraged to make beneficial changes. Angela is a wonderful practitioner and very knowledgeable with a range of skills to help with your physical and mental health needs. I would highly recommend.

Helena H, Gloucestershire

''I really enjoyed Rahanni and felt really relaxed afterwards. It really is an incredible therapy and so powerful. I could feel the areas you were working on''.

Dawn D, Northants

Wow! Where do I start?
It most definitely has been a shift in consciousness in regards to how I used to react to certain situations that would get me slightly frustrated. This is no more.
I feel so different within myself in the sense that there is a feeling of lightness and much more positivity and it is escalating daily.
I am also more able to silence the mind chatter during meditation and everything seems to fall into place at the right time.
Receiving Pellowah was truly an amazing experience that I have a very strong pull to be attuned to this remarkable energy, whether it's for my own use or to become a practitioner, this is not yet shown to me but I'm sure I will be guided in the right direction when the time is right.

Paul C, Kent

Did you know.....Healers need healing too?! So today I booked in with indigo light therapies’ Angela for a Reiki top up and some crystal therapy. WOW!!! I feel energised, I feel happy, I feel balanced. The headache I started the day with has gone, my ‘I must stay busy’ thoughts have receded and I feel, well, FAB!! Angela is a very gentle, very intuitive healer and you’ll be very well looked after under her care.

Jo, at The Breathe In Space, Northants

I am not a fan of needles, so was apprehensive about having acupuncture, but keen to see if it would help me. Angela was fabulous, she explained everything and the consultation was very thorough. I knew what to expect, and she explained what she could do if I decided not to go through with the needles. It was a relaxing and remarkably painless experience.
I knew not to expect instant results, but had the best night's sleep that night! A couple of days later I began to notice the effects. I am feeling like a different person. It has had a massive impact. I can highly recommend acupuncture, and definitely Angela at Indigo Holistics.

Rebecca T, Northants

I just wanted to let you know that even though initially I was on the fence about Pellowah; it has blown my socks off! Talk about radical shift in consciousness... Thank you so much for holding that space so I could get what I needed.

L Lewis, Merseyside

I have met Angela twice previously for Reiki sessions which I have found extremely beneficial. However on this occasion I was looking for something more focused on how I as an individual can cope better after a recent change in career.
Pellowah seemed to find me and drew me to read more about how it could help. I contacted Angela who agreed it was worth trying.
I was not disappointed, I didn't know what to expect, if anything to be honest, but the change in my ability to cope with situations that would normally cause me anxiety was amazing. I suddenly felt lighter and my usually tense shoulders and neck were loose and pain free. Where I would usually get knots in my tummy when feeling anxious there was no reaction.
I can only speak for myself but I will definitely be having future Pellowah therapy sessions.

S.E., Northants

Thank you so much. You’ve definitely banished something negative that was attached to me and has been for years. I haven’t felt so good in a long time. Usually when I wake up in the morning I’m so tired and worn down before the day has even started and today I’ve a completely new lease of life.

Vicky, NorthantsPellowah client