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I often ask clients if they would like me to pull a card for them at the end of an energy therapy treatment. Sometimes it’s a lighthearted way to close the session, although in nearly all cases, the message that appears will leave a very poignant impression on the person receiving it.

Although I don’t read tarot, I do have a strong connection to the three oracle decks that I currently use – A Yogic Path (by Sahara Rose), The Starseed Oracle (by Rebecca Campbell) and The Spirit Animal Oracle (by Colette Baron-Reid).  I often pull oracle cards for myself and others and am almost always left surprised and touched by their meaning. My appreciation for this process is closely linked to my understanding of the interplay between our subconscious emotional patterns and the astral body.

As with any metaphysical work, when an intention is set, we will attract the right people, messages or circumstances to assist us. Even if things don’t seem clear at first, these situations will always serve us in some way, working for our highest good.

Earlier this week, I pulled an oracle card for a client at the end of a session and not only did the message resonate deeply with the beginnings of their journey, it also served as a touching reminder of the sacred value in my work.

This oracle card was from The Starseed Oracle deck and its beautiful message read;
Your body knows how to heal. Healing is your natural state. Physical and emotional disharmony can be a reflection of how the world (inner and outer) has been out of alignment. If you’re suffering from a mystery or chronic illness, don’t allow yourself to think you’ve done something wrong. 
Today, it’s difficult to navigate our health.  If this card has made its way to you, you’re being focussed to practical on your healing in practical ways. To prioritize your health.  To be kind and tender to your miraculous body. To give yourself the ground and care you need. To put your body first. To nourish yourself as you would a newborn baby. To treat yourself with tender care. 
You may be called to switch things up with your body or your emotional well-being.  To call in a team of helpers to support you in navigating any challenges you may be experiencing emotionally.  
The Arcturians are a galactic group of beings who have mastered deep cellular and emotional healing. They want you to know that it’s possible to feel vibrant in your body and well in your skin.  To have your cells return to effervescence and vitality.  To find calmness and contentedness.  To have a soothed nervous system and a tranquil heart.
(Words by Rebecca Campbell).
And finally, when I reflect on everything that has happened in my own life over the past three years (happened not to me, but for me), leading to this very moment, a wise and timeless truth springs to mind; “The Universe Works In Mysterious Ways”. 
Much love,
Angela x