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We often hear people talk about wanting to ‘raise their vibration’. What does this mean?

First of all, it’s important to realise that you ARE an energetic vibration. Every thought, every word, every movement, every feeling, every cell in your body carries a frequency; everything that’s going on in your internal and external reality; positive and negative, seemingly permanent or fleeting, carries a vibration.

And when your vibration is high, you will become a magnet for joy, inner peace and abundance.

When you’re not feeling fully at ease, there are some things that you can DO in your everyday life to help raise your vibration;

~ make a gratitude list – a very simple exercise to help you to consciously recognise the positives in your life

~ prepare a healthy meal – try to include seasonal vegetables and fresh ingredients. remember that foods carry their own energetic vibrations too!

~ create a bed time ritual – (as often as possible) you could include bath salts, candles, a digital-free space, with as few distractions as possible.

~ honour all of your emotions – remember that emotions and feelings are not necessarily good or bad, they just are. by honouring the way you are feeling in each moment, without judgement or resistance, and by listening to what any uncomfortable sensations may be trying to tell you, stuck or lower frequencies will move through you more easily. (do ask for help and support with this process if you need it).

~ listen to your body – your physical body has an intelligence all of its own. sit quietly and tune in to the sensations (positive and negative) as they pass through you. if you’re holding physical tension or uncomfortable emotions in your body, slowly breathe in to that area with love and patience.

~ connect with nature – this could mean going for a walk in your local park or woodlands, touching the soil with your bare hands, sitting by an old tree, or even paying attention to the cycles of the seasons or the moon more closely.

~ create healthy boundaries – this is a really important part of self-care that many of us aren’t very good at. it could mean stepping away from a connection with another person or situation that doesn’t feel right for you. it could mean saying no to something because you need to take some time out to re-charge. or it could mean cleaning up your social media and digital ‘boundaries’. creating boundaries means valuing yourself and your time, and when you do this, other people will value you as well.

”by raising our own frequency, we involuntarily generate and disseminate energetic ripples which slowly, subconsciously activate others around us”
~ Michael Becker.

And remember that life, ultimately, is a journey of BEING.
The more you can align with the present moment (instead of living through ‘the mind’ – your thoughts, past and future), the more present, alive and content you will feel as a human being.

Living from a state of presence and inner stillness can take a lifetime to fully accomplish. But the more you can exist from this state of ‘being’, in full alignment with the flow of the universe, the more you will notice that life is unfolding perfectly before your eyes, just as it is meant to.