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As it’s international women’s day today, I’ve been thinking about what womanhood means to me in this moment…

I’ve noticed that in modern culture, we’re frequently encouraged to celebrate our uniqueness – but this can too often be translated as a request to display our economic worth, or the fleeting value of our possessions and tastes, our attractiveness, our charming or not-so-charming quirks, the things we choose to care about within the parameters of our own busy lives, the things we choose to sidestep internally and externally, because it feels too uncomfortable or too difficult to speak our truths.

But if we go a little deeper, or a little higher even, we’ll start to see that our uniqueness contains something far more profound.

As our awareness increases, we begin to see every living thing and every person in this world as a beautiful expression of existence itself, carrying within them patterns and waves of lightness and dark, masculine and feminine, and all the endless possibilities of potential and creativity, action and inaction, chaos and stillness.

We begin to perceive every human in their own unique and beautiful form as a vehicle for consciousness; perfect in every curve, every motion, every gesture.

And as we grow in wisdom, we begin to see ourselves in everyone we meet, and this inner knowing increases our capacity for love.

We are rising as a collective – healing our wounds, maturing, becoming more inclusive and sensitive; moving more and more towards collaboration over competition, sovereignty over co-dependence, planet over profit, unity over separation.

And as we rise up, in work and motherhood, in politics and power, in our families and our social circles, we must also remember to have trust in our masculine counterparts too – trust that they too are healing their collective wounds, transmuting their shadows and learning to express their power and their vulnerabilities healthily; learning to expand in their capacity to value us, to defend us and to know us fully.

The story of you is undoubtedly unique, but it is also timeless and deeply connected to the story of every living creature who ever has and ever will anchor the feminine frequency on this planet.

Keep observing, keep exploring.
Be curious. Be kind.
Keep Being a Goddess, because that’s what you truly are.