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In these uncertain times, our emotional resilience can feel as though it’s being stretched to its limits. When circumstances beyond our control seem strange, unpredictable and unsettling, just getting through the days can often feel impossible.

For many, the cataclysmic events of these times may have triggered a sudden or gradual increase in conscious awareness. When this happens, we often begin to notice our innate connection to others, to the natural world, to the threads that hold everything together and perhaps even to the entirety of the cosmos. We may start to realise that our thoughts, words and actions ripple out in to the universe and we begin to understand the great responsibility that this brings. We may also start to distance ourselves from thought patterns and behaviours (in ourselves and others) which no longer resonate, such as fear, competitive self-gain and divisive points of view.

The direction that we choose to take from this point will depend on the persistence of our conscious awareness, the quality of our thoughts, our motivation to align with selfless action and our dedication to human progress. The starting point is not some imagined tomorrow, with fewer challenges or better circumstances. The starting point is now. It is always now.

And wherever you’re at today, remember to set a little time aside for practise – of cultivating self-love, of quiet reflection (meditation, reading, walking in nature, journalling…) and of patience and care for the version of you that is slowly emerging.

And as you work on yourself, your vibration will ripple out and uplift those around you.

Keep going, you’re doing great… and remember, the quiet and unwavering strength of the human spirit resides in you, in me, and in each and every one of us.