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It took several seasons to master the root; trapped nerve, lack,
searching for someone or something to belong to,
then finding space and connection in this physical form.

And now, the second chakra screams for attention.
Clinging to grief with all my might;
stubborn, lost in stories,
to have and to hold.
Another year passes,
Tightness sets in.
The small of my back can’t take any more.
Legs collapse beneath me.
Scattered thoughts, too tired to write,
No clear vision.
Ida and Pingala cut off by this constriction.

When things get right it will flow upwards once more
Like a snake or a river.
Release and surrender,
Over and over.

Sanskrit name; svadhisthana
Function; emotions, creation
Colour; orange
Element; water
Crystals; carnelian, sunstone.