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Earlier this month I travelled to Derbyshire for two days to attend a Pellowah Level 3 Teacher Training course. The two day course was carried out by Kachina Ma’an, a spiritual teacher and the original channel of Pellowah energy. Kachina travelled from Northern Queensland, Australia recently to carry out a series of level 3 Pellowah workshops across the UK, in the company of the wonderful Julie Parker (my level 1 & 2 teacher).
Meeting Kachina was truly a privilege. Over the two days, along with the teaching syllabus and attunement process, Kachina spoke candidly about her experiences over the years and shared with our group her widsom and her kindness. Just being in the presence of this unassuming, good natured soul was an activation in itself.

”Ordinary people doing extraordinary things” 

One of the key learnings that I have taken from spending time with Kachina was to remain humble and not get caught up in spiritual ego. Kachina reminded us that she is very ordinary person, doing ordinary people things in her day to day life, and that being ordinary and accepting of our ordinary-ness will bring us closer to enlightenment.
Kachina reminded us that many of us are most certainly ‘ordinary people doing extraordinary things’, yet we must still remain present, not get caught up in our external identity or performative behaviours, and instead immerse ourselves in the peace and contentment that can be found in the details of everyday existence.
Over the two days, spending time with Kachina helped me to realise that every living being has the potential to share beautiful and extraordinary gifts that will assist humanity. And even if our sphere of influence is just our immediate family or the neighbours in our street, that is absolutely perfect and enough.

You as your only reference point 

This was one of a number of insights that Kachina shared with us as a principle to live by, to enable us to align more closely with the natural flow of the universe (god / source).
Making You your only reference point creates an opportunity to access the divine intelligence that exists all around and within us.
I have been through periods of fixating on particular teachers or ‘gurus’ over the past few years. But eventually, through experience and reflection, I have started to remember again that the ultimate teacher is the One within… it is myself. 
Although I have huge gratitude for every being who has helped me to learn and grow along the way (teachers, love ones and even animals and trees…), trusting my intuition, trusting what I know and knowing who and what I am has ultimately given me the keys to my soul’s purpose.
Pellowah Level 3 Teacher Training, Nov 2022 in Derbyshire.  Kachina Ma’an (back row, fourth from left) and Julie Parker (back row, furthest on the right).


Receiving a Pellowah healing session is a beautiful experience that will assist your personal evolution and expansion of consciousness, as you travel along your life’s journey. Pellowah is said to be the highest frequency of energy currently accessible on the planet.
You can find out more information about Pellowah via the Offerings page.
Treatments can be carried out in person or on a remote basis. If you would like to book a session, please contact to book.
I recently received a lovely review from a client who decided to try Pellowah to help her work through a situation that she was facing in her career. Here is what she said;
“I have met Angela twice previously for Reiki sessions which I have found extremely beneficial.  However on this occasion I was looking for something more focused on how I as an individual can cope better after a recent change in career. 
Pellowah seemed to find me and drew me to read more about how it could help. I contacted Angela who agreed it was worth trying. 
I was not disappointed, I didn’t know what to expect, if anything to be honest, but the change in my ability to cope with situations that would normally cause me anxiety was amazing.  I suddenly felt lighter and my usually tense shoulders and neck were loose and pain free. Where I would usually get knots in my tummy when feeling anxious there was no reaction. 
I can only speak for myself but I will definitely be having future Pellowah therapy sessions”
S.E., Northants.


I will be scheduling a Pellowah level 1 & 2 practitioner workshop in 2023 (*details coming soon!*). The two day training workshop and attunement is suitable for those who wish to practise Pellowah or can simply be used as a tool for personal and spiritual growth.