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The Reiki Medic-Care programme has been running for almost one year now, providing free distance Reiki sessions to NHS frontline workers affected by the Covid-19 health pandemic.

As well as providing a therapeutic service to NHS employees, the research element of the project is being led by Dr Ann Baldwin PHD and Dr Natalie Dyer PHD, via The Centre for Reiki Research in MI, USA.

Preliminary research findings were presented at the Symposium for Integrative Medicine and Health which took place in early April, and also published in Global Advances in Health Medicine. The full abstract can be view by clicking here (scroll to page 13.07).

Participants of the program are offered 4 x 20 minute remote Reiki sessions over four consecutive days. Following each session, they are surveyed on improvements in stress, anxiety, pain, sleep and well-being.  Here is a summary of the preliminary research results;

As the presentation above shows, participants showed significant improvements in all areas – stress, anxiety, pain, sleep quality and overall well-being, based on the 7-point MYMOP style questionnaire.

Qualitative responses were also positive, with comments such as the following;

I found this an amazing experience.  I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to connect with it being distance Reiki but I did.  Thank you so much for this service. 

Staff Nurse, 40, female.

Along with over 250 other volunteer practitioners in the UK, I have taken part in four 4-day treatment sessions in total so far (each cohort of eight practitioners treats a patient together for four consecutive days).

It has been a very rewarding experience and I have felt glad and grateful to have the opportunity to support NHS employees through my work, particularly during these times.

Additionally, it is very exciting to be a part of a distance Reiki research project.

Understanding that subtle energy is not something ‘far away, out there’ but a part of all phenomena – including the human energy field, and that it is something that we can interact with on a metaphysical basis to benefit our health and well-being is the basis of my work and studies.

If you are an NHS frontline worker, you can sign up to the free Reiki Medic-Care service via the following link;

Further information and resources;

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