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25th June 2022

Dear everyone, 
I hope you’re keeping well and enjoying the pockets of sunshine here and there! 
I’ve had a busy few months – starting year 2 of my acupuncture studies, celebrating my 40th birthday with a glamping adventure in Dorset, and me and my two children also joined a local food growing cooperative recently which has been incredibly enriching and a great learning experience so far. And I’ve continued to grow and expand in conscious awareness too – letting things go, needing less, appreciating more, shedding old patterns and integrating more of who I’m meant to be… 
And before I forget, a big thank you to everyone who responded to my call out for medical consultantion volunteers recently. I’ve had a really positive response and have now started a waiting list of people who would like to book a course of treatments with me when I start my clinical year in March 2023. If you’d like to be contacted about this nearer the time, please do let me know and I will add you to my waiting list! 
Health Activism
It’s been one year today since I attended my first march through London – standing against medical tyranny with doctors, nurses, activists and members of the public in great numbers. Since that time I have been on a journey of discovery which has at times been terrifying, jarring and earth shattering – but at the same time it has given me and many millions of others the opportunity to re-discover our political, medical, bodily and spiritual sovereignty and leap in to a phase of rapid evolutionary growth.
Last month The World Council for Health hosted their inaugural ‘Better Way Conference’ in Bath. The speaker line-up included over 65 world-leading scientists, doctors, political commentators and legal experts who came together to discuss and debate the future of medicine, medical ethics and human rights, and to create a vision for our healthcare systems of the future. The inspirational opening address from Dr Tess Lawrie can be viewed on youtube;
Spike Protein Detox
As more and more data is revealed regarding the true nature and side effects of the cv-19 gene injections, I would like to take this important opportunity to share the World Council for Health Spike Protein Detox Guide with you all, along with any of your friends or family members who may benefit from this information.
Please read this guide carefully and use your own discernment when making decisions about any herbal supplements or medicines you may decide to take. As stated in the WCH detox guide, the lists of herbal and other medicines and supplements have been compiled in a collaboration between international doctors, scientists, and holistic medical practitioners. 
I would also like to share a short blog written by my friend and local medicine practitioner José, who explains what steps you or your loved ones can take if you feel that you were pressured or coerced in to taking a cv-19 injection and believe that it may be compromising your long term health and immune system function;
Holistic treatments in Daventry… 
And finally, after a period of reduced availability in recent months, I am delighted to be able to be able to increase my practise opening hours a little more over the summer. If you would like to book a Reiki, Pellowah or Crystal Therapy session with me, please take a look at the contact page for further details.
With love and solidarity to all, 
Angela x