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In moments of quiet reflection, have you ever let your thoughts meander until they stumble upon the deepest of questions; “who am I?”. 
Are we just a physical body hosting a neurological system that will cease to exist at the time of death? Or are we something more profound than this, something that our human minds cannot easily grasp?
We often speak of ‘mind body spirit’ in contemporary culture, without thinking too deeply about what this means, about the interplay between these three parts of the whole.
When asking ourselves ‘who am I?’, we are attempting to make contact with the spark of consciousness that exists within all of us – the silent awareness that sits behind our thoughts, emotions and outer conditions.
The basics of quantum physics point to the fact that all matter is energy. Our bodies, our thought patterns, our words, everything we can touch and see in the physical universe is energy.
“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration” – Nikola Tesla.
Through my explorations of physics, the nature of consciousness and matter, as well as ancient Vedic teachings and modern spirituality, and in personally observing and experiencing the effects of yogic practices and energy therapies, I have become fully accepting of the idea that we are much more than our physical bodies; that we are manifestations of a shared consciousness, infinite life force energy in human form, spiritual beings experiencing life in the physical plane.
“What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter. Matter is energy. Energy is light. We are all light beings” – Albert Einstein
And throughout our human lives, it might be said that our purpose is to raise our energetic vibrations, to reach higher states of consciousness and return to that ‘light’.

These realms of consciousness are not physical places, but planes of reality which we can access, as we raise our energetic vibrations.

As humans, we can exist in either three, four or five-dimensional states of consciousness (or a combination of all of these) as we navigate our lives.

What do the 3D, 4D and 5D states of consciousness look like?

3D consciousness;

  • Belief only in the physical and measurable universe, as perceived by our five senses.
  • Living in an ‘ego-based’ mindset in which material gain, power and outward appearances are the central focus.
  • An outlook of lack, in which overly-competitive, anxious or self-centered thoughts guide our behaviour.
  • Relying on others for validation and contentment, co-dependent relationships are a major theme in our lives.
  • More prone to emotional agitation and low-vibrational states.
  • Energy is stuck in the lower chakras, resulting in various lifestyle and emotional afflictions.

4D consciousness;

  • We begin to notice the interconnectedness of all life – in daily interactions and events, in ecosystems and across entire populations, as well as the outcomes of collective intention and action.
  • We notice synchronicities and a feeling of ‘flow’ in our day to interactions. This is often accompanied with a development of intuitive abilities.
  • We may begin to feel or even see the subtle energies around us.
  • We start to feel more sympathy and affinity with other people, including complete strangers.
  • We move from a state of ‘lack’ to abundance, meaning we are less competitive and less concerned with material outcomes.
  • We develop a mindset of service and selflessness in our work and align more closely with our life purpose.
  • We experience dramatic shifts in relationships; low-vibrational situations start to naturally fall away.
  • Sudden changes in lifestyle and eating habits can occur.
  • We begin to understand what it means to live in the present moment and feel the interplay between the mind, the emotions and the real ‘You’, the silent observer.
  • We begin to cultivate a spiritual practise which transcends traditional organised religion but at the same time sees truth and beauty in all spiritual pathways.

People can and do of course live fulfilling and happy lives by remaining in a ‘3D’ state of consciousness, but the way in which they interact with the world will often play out very differently to those who are moving towards higher states of being. Additionally, as the planet goes through its current cycle of ascension (more on this soon!), the majority of the human population are living closer to a ‘4D’, or heart-centered level of consciousness, but within existing 3D paradigms. It is perhaps through those who are resisting this new phase of shared consciousness, clinging on to old power structures, that we see pockets of conflict and increased polarisation of ideas – particularly in our culture and politics.

5D consciousness;

This state of being is much more elusive, but if it can be maintained on a permanent basis, it is difficult to go back to 3D and 4D consciousness. Radiating pure love, feeling the connectedness of all life, we interact with the universe from a state of acceptance, peace and gratitude. In reaching this level of consciousness, having fully shed our egoic patterns, we live an existence that could be described as Enlightenment itself. We use our power to empower others. We become a living embodiment of our Higher Selves. Living in the 5D enables us to experience a state of bliss and oneness with Source.

From knowing to being

By encountering and recognising these states, so begins our spiritual journey. How and when this begins, we cannot control. It may at first appear as a momentary flicker or a speck of awareness on the horizon of our minds. The key is to let the process unfold gradually. The process of awakening cannot be forced, it is not a problem to be solved. It is a life’s work and it will weave its way in and out of our day to day existence as we, the human collective, continue in our evolution.

If you’re new to this field of awareness and eager to explore further, I recommend Eckhart Tolle’s book ‘A New Earth’ (2005) as a great starting point.